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Boys Club

Boy's Club Overview

Elevation Volleyball Club takes pride in its vibrant volleyball community, serving as a welcoming home for Boy's Club Volleyball Teams.  We anticipate the 2024-2025 Season to bring even more excitement and opportunities for the boys' teams, fostering growth and enthusiasm for the game.

To be considered for a 2024/25 Elevation Club Team, attending our Open Gyms is VERY important as players will be evaluated at these sessions.  This year, clubs in the RMR are allowed to send contracts to players affiliated to their club, in the 2023-24 season, on July 26th and to players new to their club on July 29th. With this in mind, we expect to fill our boys' teams by July 31st. 


With a focus on the technical and personal development of student-athletes in a safe, positive, and instructive environment, we support the philosophy that focusing on the process will produce favorable outcomes and developing well-rounded volleyball players will have greater success on and off the court in the years to come.  

Every year Elevation takes steps forward in growing the game for the boys.  Our commitment to growing the game for the boys comes from our desire to improve as an organization and to create and maintain one of the top competitive gyms in the region while retaining the elements that are consistent with why the club was founded.  Elevation seeks to build a volleyball family in which players and families alike take pride and always feel welcome. 

The Boy's Volleyball Club Season Explained

2024-2025 Boys Club Teams & Coaches

Team Head Coach Assist. Coach
18 Peak Kalle Mulford Abe Cabuag
18 Timberline Matt Cliffer Scott Nugent
17 Peak Brian Peterson Devin Rigg
17 Timberline Scott Nugent TBD
17 Ascent Tasha Pollard TBD
16 Peak Jon Ferrari Kevin Mollan & Fred Claravall
16 Timberline Jantzen Fenn
16 Ascent Katrina Preston TBD
15 Peak Jason Fitzgerald Rachel Severson
15 Timberline Oliver Thornton Sally Moos
15 Ascent TBD TBD
14 Peak Scott Peluso Jason Dell
14 Timberline Franklin Barios Delaney Vierkandt
13 Peak TBD Mike Walker

Elevation also runs a Boys Fall High-School League and many boys start in our youth league. See the comparison table below for an overview of each.

CLUB, Regional and LEAGUE TEAM comparison

What to Expect Boys Club Boys Regional Boys HS Fall League Youth League (co-ed)
Tryouts vs Skill Assessment Tryouts - August Tryouts - August N/A Skill Assesment - each session
Cuts Yes Yes No No
Competitive Level Intermediate-Advanced Experienced-Intermediate High School Age Beginner/Developmental - Experienced
Length of Season 6-8 months 4-6 months 2 months (Sept-Oct.) 6-week sessions (6 sessions/yr)
Financial Commitment $$$ $$ $ $
Practices per week 2-3 times a week 1-2 times a week 1 a week 1 a week
Strength/Conditioning 30-60 min/week N/A N/A N/A
Positional Training 30 mins/week early in season N/A N/A N/A
Tournaments In and out of state In-state All at Elevation All at Elevation
# Athletes per team 10 to 11 11 8-12 10 to 12
National Qualifier Tournaments (In or Out of State) Yes N/A N/A N/A
AAU Nationals (Out of State) Yes (or USAV Nats) N/A N/A N/A
College Recruiting Yes N/A N/A N/A