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Big Sister, Little Sister Program is a Hit!

By Brett Cherry, 12/08/15, 1:45AM MST


Big/Little Sister Program Launch 12/6/2015

Elevation Volleyball is excited to be launching a Big & Little Sister Program for this club season. 

Being a part of a club or sports in general makes each of us a part of a family that includes all of us.  For EVC it is a way for us to develop a legacy within our culture.  We believe that each of our older athletes has valuable insight and experience that can and should be shared with the next generation of Elevation athletes.  This is as important as the younger players being a reminder to some of the older ones as to the fun, excitement and passion they started with.  The interaction between the two groups is the connection, the fabric that binds our volleyball family together. 


The program launched over the weekend and was a huge success, with over 100 of our club athletes getting together to meet and hang with their little sisters.  Each month big and little sisters will communicate and connect through little fun activities in the gym sharing motivation, sharing stories, taking part in each others experience for the year. 

We believe it is these character, leadership driven moments that flush out a fun, productive volleyball season. We look forward to expanding and enhancing the training and playing experience for each of our athletes.

We are one family, Elevation Nation!