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Resources for Parents

Parents are the Foundation
of our Elevation Nation.

We know all to well just how hard it is to raise children in today's constantly changing landscape as parents and teachers ourselves.  With social media, the pressures of school, future, peer groups, relationships, and everything else, we want you to know that we are in it with you.

The role we play as coaches and the role you play as a parent are very different and we feel it is important to the development and happiness of your athletes that you have a clear sense of that difference.

We as coaches are here to stretch, challenge, push, and support your athletes in a competitive environment. Many of these lessons are hard, causing new reactions and do not always end with everyone getting what they want; just as in life. However, we will always seek to support your decisions about your athletes life and athletics. We hope you will show the same support in our decisions and direction as well.

At home your role in supporting and nurturing your athletes cannot be understated. Your place in their lifelong growth and potential is ongoing and filled with variables outside of what we can come to know about each individual athlete. We rely on you to use these tools you come to know about your athletes and help us to build them up into strong, independent, self reliant, young adults.

As such, it is important to express that we will not seek to act as parents and we ask that you not act as coaches. Yelling from the stands, giving specific feedback to your athlete, or commenting about an athlete, coach, or other parent is confusing to an athlete and causes undue stress. Developing trust in a coach and a team is challenging and too many voices about what is important or correct makes it hard to build that trust and rely on a coach or team. Please support every team and coach as you would your athlete and should anything arise that you feel strongly about we ask that you bring it to us directly rather then attempt to manage the situation around us.

We are in this together, and together we can do something special.










As a Parent, I will:

  • support the coach and decisions; who to put in the game and/or who to take out of the game
  • not coach my child during the game
  • respect the integrity of the officials and not advise them how to call the match
  • model sportsmanship for my child 
  • encourage the "Process" rather than focusing on the "Outcome"
  • cheer for my child's team
  • encourage my child to participate for enjoyment as well as competition 
  • applaud good and fair play during matches
  • be in control of my emotions
  • learn the rules of the game to help me better understand what is happening on the court
  • understand that physical or verbal intimidation towards any individual is unacceptable behavior 

Communication is Key:

Your voice is important, use the link below to reach out and share your experience with us.

Parenting an Athlete:

Michael Porter, Sr.: Parenting A High Performer

This interview with Michael Porter, Sr. gives some great insight into the role and perspectives of an parent. It is framed around being the parent to an Elite Athlete, but the messages and lessons work for any parent of an athlete.

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